SSDA Membership


Receive update emails

May Advertise on the Website

Points that go towards year-end awards

Right to vote regarding SSDA business

10% off SSDA products

Draws for free promo products at the end of every year

New members $20 off their first membership

For any other questions about memberships contact Glen Grant  (306) 344-4808

$40 individual membership

$50 family membership

Send to Janice Ludwig

Box 339

Lampman,SK  S0C 1N0



President:  Glen Grant (306)344-4808

Vice President:  Jamie Gardner

Treasurer:  Janice Ludwig (306)421-1839

Secretary:  Brianne Bellwood

Trial Director:  Wendy Schmaltz

Points Person:  Brianne Bellwood

WCC Reps:  Wendy Schmaltz

                 Dale Montgomery (306) 662-3667

Website:  Stacey Rosvold (204) 647-5114

Promotions:   Wendy Schmaltz


       Jamie Gardner 306-294-7604

      Michelle Brown (306) 696-7733

       Jared Epp 306-492-2017  

      Brianne Bellwood

       Cathy Kudryk


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