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May Advertise on the Website

Points that go towards year-end awards

Right to vote regarding SSDA business

10% off SSDA products

For any other questions about memberships contact Jared Epp (306) 492-2017

$40 individual membership

$50 family membership

Send to Jolie Vermette

Box 341 Outlook, SK

S0L 2N0

Caps $20

All purchases ordered online are subject to shipping charges.

Contact Joli Vermette for orders and shipping charges.  

All members receive a discount of 10%.

Phone: (306) 867-3838


Painter’s Cap $25

Headband $10

Hoodies $55

Many colours to choose from

Vests  $70

Brown and Rust colours

Also available is various colours of plastic whistles $8

Training Book $35

Herding Dogs Progressive Training

Shedding Clinic $50

Alasdair Mcrae

Paracord Lanyards $15

SSDA Working Stockdogs Official Site

Toques $16

Brass Sounder A Whistle $65

Elvin Kopp Training DVD’s

Set for $120

Each for $45

Training Book $35

Farmer’s Dog

Training Book $35

From the Handler’s Post

(Sequel to Herding Dogs)

Metal Whistle

Silver Moon $25

Metal Whistle

Montana Lite $25

Mist Series: The Great Challenge, Top Dog, The Tale of a Sheepdog Puppy, The Roundup

$18 each

Floss Book

Tale of a Young Border Collie



Kangaroo Leather Lanyards